ScanNautic Engineering combines profound knowledge with local on-site verifications. We offer surveying services, which are accompanied by sophisticated reports, including high quality pictures, detailed information, and best practise solutions from our team of experts. Our team consists of engineers, Naval Architect and master mariners.

Marine Warranty Survey

ScanNautic conducts MWS to support the insurance policy of the client when shipping cargo. During the loading and discharge processes, we liaise with all parties involved and agree on the safe and constructive procedures that will be used.

Prior the operation, all technical documentation and calculations have been approved by our in-house engineering team. All cargo and its seuring is inspected before and after operation, and its condition is recorded in detail.

Throughout the process, our surveyor will inspect the lifting gears, stow preparations, and lashing requirements, as well as documenting with photographic evidence, and taking chronological written notes.


We provide draft surveyors to determine the weight of bulk cargoes, such as iron ore, coal, steel scrap, grain etc., loaded onto, or discharged from vessel


In the event of cargo and/or equipment damage, ScanNautic Engineering offers support with a comprehensive and objective inspection of the incident, followed by a detailed report with pictures and guideline, on the next actions to be taken, if the cargo/equipment needs to be recovered, reloaded and/or repacked.


To continuously deliver your cargo at the highest possible standards we will conduct a local survey of the port(s) selected. ScanNautic Engineering will survey and report all necessary parameters, as well as advantages and disadvantages, accordingly.


ScanNautic Engineering offers loadout and discharge supervision to verify the operation and to ensure that the cargo is being handled in a correct and safe manner. The surveyor will ensure that the quality and safety requirements are being met, and the cargo is handled according to our client’s requirements.


ScanNautic Engineering offers pre-load surveys, which is an important part of the complete transport chain. We are acting as your representative to make sure that the cargo do not have any damages prior to loading, that cargo is stored in the correct location and protected from all possible hazards.
Study of monopiles

Feasibility study

Feasibility studies cover a wide range of topics. In theoretical terms, a feasibility study is an assessment of the practicality of a proposed plan or method. It can be a package of various technical drawings, such as lifting drawings or transport solutions, which help identify selected equipment suitability, as well as define technical parameters.