The overall quality goal is to strengthen the company through increased customer satisfaction and loyalty 

The Company defines quality as the customers’ overall experience with employees who:

  • Act quickly and professionally when approached by customers or stakeholders 
  • Ensure the organization has the necessary skills and framework 

The Company is committed to:  

  • Set specific goals that show the extent to which quality policy and objectives are met.  
  • To update and further develop workflows, attitude and competencies.  
  • Adhere to all relevant legal and regulatory requirements as well as compliance obligations.  
  • Strive to deliver optimal products and services to individual customers  
  • Deliver on time 


In order to protect and prevent environmental pollution the company will work continuously, actively and systematically to minimize its footprint on the environment where economically and technically feasible.  

The environmental policy objectives are: 

  • Prevent accidents and limit the consequences of accidents damaging the environment. 
  • Chose environmentally conscious suppliers and partners. 
  • Ensure employees know and understand environmental policy while acting accordingly. 
  • Ensure employees are familiar with action plans and actively participate where appropriate. 
  • Identify the impact and review action plans on an annual basis.  

The Company is committed to: 

  • Setting specific goals showing the extent to which environmenta0 policy and objectives are met. 
  • Continuously improve environmental performance. 
  • Adhere to all relevant legal and regulatory requirements as well as compliance obligations. 
  • Work continuously, actively and systematically to protects the environment and prevent pollution where economically and technically feasible. 


Our employees are our most important asset!  We work actively and systematically for a safe, healthy and attractive work environment. 

 The company’s work environment policy objectives are: 

  • Create a motivating and attractive work environment for all employees including the employees who work from home offices abroad. 
  • Ensure the best possible mental work environment by being mindful of one another 

The Company is committed to: 

  • Maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for employees and for those affected by our activities. 
  • Consult and involve workers 
  • Systematically eliminate and/or reduce risk of accidents and near miss accidents. 
  • Continuously improving work environment performance by reducing risk. 
  • Adhere to all relevant legal and regulatory requirements as well as compliance obligations. 
  • Work actively and systematically for a safe, healthy and attractive work environment.