About us

ScanNautic Project & Engineering A/S is your flexible and professional partner, ready to perform 24/7 – 365

Who we are

ScanNautic Project & Engineering A/S are a subsidiary of ScanNautic A/S and started up in 2020. We have a broad range of highly qualified, well-known employees, as well as skilled and trusted third-party contractors. Our main office is in Frederica, Denmark, however we also have office in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Russia department is led by our Project Engineer, Captain Kirill Plotnikov, who has a nautical and Engineering background. In addition to Kirill, we have our naval Architect located in Russia as well.

Our Danish office is led by our COO, Captain Jan B. Knudsen who comes from a position as Vice President, technical, in former Zeamarine. In addition to Jan, we have Capt. Mads Moss, who also has a past I Zeamarine, working as a Port Captain.

The general aim is to cover a broad range of costumers within the shipping industry as well as other industries. We aim to be a “one-stop-shop”, where we can deliver the complete transport solution as well as on site supervision.

Capt. Jan B. Knudsen

Chief Operating Officer
Mobile: +45 4054 6770
Email: jan.knudsen@scannautic.com


Capt. Kirill Plotnikov

Head of Project Engineering
Mobile: +45 2913 1721
Russia: +7 921 3357 470
Email: kirill.plotnikov@scannautic.com


Capt. Mads Moss

Project Manager / Surveyor
Mobile: +45 5158 4805
Email: mads.moss@scannautic.com


Sergei Shcherbakov

Naval Architect
Mobile: +45 4054 6770
Email: sergei.shcherbakov@scannautic.com



We provide a worldwide network of services to the sea and land transport industry, mainly Project Engineering, sales of equipment and lifting gear, testing, certification and consulting.

By combining our key competencies within Maritime Heavy Lift, Projects, land transport as well as the deep knowledge of equipment and lifting gear, we offer a tailor-made solution from factory to construction site.

Advanced technology, professionalism and cooperation at all levels in the transport and supply chain

Ensure the highest possible standards of efficiency, safety and reliability.


To be a reliable and credible partner for our customers, where we offer tailor-made, innovative and efficient solutions whether it is projects, service, consulting, survey, certification or sale of equipment.


By combining our key competencies within the Maritime Heavy Lift & Project transportation as well the deep knowledge of gear and equipment we offer tail made solution from the factory to construction site.

Advanced technology, professionalism, and cooperation at all levels of the transportation and gear supply chain.

Secure the highest possible standards in efficiency, safety and reliability.